Sunday, September 16, 2012

princes and prisoners

Check out my friend Rachel's song "All Cedars"! The lyrics are based on the same psalm where I got my title for my blog. :)

Here are the lyrics:

from the earth
sea monsters and all deeps
fire and hail, snow and clouds
storms performing at his word
mountains and all hills
fruit trees and all cedars
beasts and all the cattle
creeping things and fowl

from the heavens
in the heights
all his angels, all his hosts
sun and moon
all stars of light
heav’nly bodies of the night

princes and all judges of the earth
young men and virgins
old men and children
all oppressed, all hungry
prisoners, the blind, the lowly
righteous and all wanderers
fatherless and widows


he has lifted up
a horn of salvation for us
and we will not remain silent
beholding creator-savior, amazed
loosened tongues and opened mouths
the sound of praises rushing out
how could we keep quiet?
all creation, your creator praise

all princes, all prisoners
all stars and all cedars

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Drew and Rachel said...

thanks meredith! sure to go platinum after all this good press. ;)