Sunday, January 16, 2011

again you sinned, again repent

“Tell me, Father, in what consists the major steps of spiritual life?” Answer:  “No one saves himself without humility.  Remember that until the end of your life you will be falling into sins, whether severe or slight.  You will get angry, you will be haughty, you will lie, you will be proud, you will hurt others, you will be greedy.  This very realization will keep you in humility.  What is there to boast about if every day you sin and you hurt your close ones?  But for each sin there is repentance.  So you sinned, you must repent, again you sinned, again repent, and so to the end.  If you keep on doing that you will never be despondent and gradually will come to a peaceful state.”

~Elder Michael of Valaam

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