Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wise Advice from a Good Friend

Wise Advice from a Good Friend:

"Don't let [Satan] steal your anticipation to see what God is going to do, or where you will eventually 'find' God. Keep asking God where he is, in the sense that he wants to lead you somewhere, not in the sense that he is not with you." - Dori


Dori said...

Yeah, we both had red hair then! We look much better now. Oh, on the hair note, I was looking at the "top 10 hairstyles for the summer" (I think on my hotmail homepage) and you are definitely "tousled waves," you know, when you do that wavey thing. So, yeah you are definitely trendy. Just thought you should know.

Lindsay said...

Your hair is so cute!!
Thank you for your kind comments!!
I am in san francisco now with p.c. peeps awaiting our flight to mongolia!!