Friday, February 08, 2008


Last night we all gasped
As we came out of the professor's house.
His porch light had gone out,
And the sky was so brightly lit with stars.
We all didn't know what to say,
But we laughed into the sky.
We saw that salt had been poured
Out on a black table cloth.
And we climbed into the car.


Sandy said...

Speaking of gasping, you should have been on my flight to Charlotte! It was the bumpiest flight I've ever been on. A lady behind be screamed one time, and there were several people with "white knuckles" as they gripped the arm rests--myself included. Travis from church was a couple seats in front of me, and he seemed quite calm. I didn't feel calm at all. I prayed and quoted scripture to myself for about 20 minutes during the worst part of the flight. My shaky legs were glad to get back on the ground. I'm stuck in Charlotte for a while. My flight is delayed due to mechanical trouble! Fortunately, they are bringing in another plane from Florida. Love you!

aimee said...

I really liked this poem, thanks for sharing.

Why so skeptical?