Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sammy Davis Jr. in Wonderland

My favorite memory of my papaw is Alice in Wonderland. He had a version of the movie recorded from television that he would let my siblings and I watch when we went over to his house. I've been reading Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass, and several vivid images have popped up in my mind. I remember this movie that my papaw had. This put me to a search, and I found the movie on Amazon. Needless to say, I bought it immediately. This version of Alice in Wonderland was made in 1985. Several famous people were in it:

Scott Baio (as Pat the Guinea Pig)
Red Buttons (as White Rabbit)
Sid Caesar (as Gryphon)
Sammy Davis Jr. (as Caterpillar)
Roddy McDowell (as March Hare)
Jayne Meadows (as Queen of Hearts)
Robert Morley (as King of Hearts)
Anthony Newley (as the Mad Hatter)
Donald O'Connor (as Lory Bird -- my favorite)
Ringo Starr (as the Mock Turtle)
Shelley Winters (as the Dodo Bird)
Ernest Borgnine (as the Lion)
Patrick Duffy (as the Goat)
Merv Griffin (as the Conductor)
Pat Morita [yes, as in the one from Karate Kid] (as the Horse)
John Stamos [yes, as in Uncle Jesse] (as the Messenger)
Sally Struthers (as in Tiger-Lily)

Anyway, I am sooo excited about this movie. Here is a clip of Sammy Davis Jr. as the Caterpillar. So good!


john said...

last year was the first time that I encountered Alice in Wonderland. I had heard and seen lots of references, seen clips from movies, but never watched the entire movie or even picked up the book. I read through it twice as a 19 year old. The things that we sometimes miss as kids eh?

Michael Airgood said...

I want to watch this movie when you get it.

Alias said...

Did your papaw pass away??

Meredith said...

He died when I was 12.

Metal Dan said...

I definitely saw this movie when I was little, though I remember some massive dragon coming after Alice at some point that scared me to death when I was a child. Is that in this one?