Sunday, July 01, 2007

"I think the choir is getting ready to let it rip."

This morning my great-grandmother, Elmo Rutherford, was baptized at the age of 98. She has been a Christian since she was a little girl and was baptized, but she felt she did not really understand what it meant to be baptized. Thus, she chose to be baptized again. At age 98. This made her very happy.

After the sermon, the baptism, and lunch at Cracker Barrel, we went to Nanny's front porch. Nanny wanted to sit on the steps because she didn't want anyone to get up from the front porch swing or chairs on her behalf.

This is Nanny and my great-aunt Mickey, whose real name is Kazue (Kah-zoo-way).

This is Cheyenne. She is five and a half. The half is very important, mind you.

This is Jasper. He is seven and three-quarters. The three-quarters is very important, mind you.

When I was little, my uncle would take us to this creek and bridge near Nanny's house. I felt very old taking Jasper and Cheyenne there today, but it made me so happy to carry on the tradition. Every grandchild and great-grandchild of Nanny's has always gone to "the bridge."I love this abandoned building. If it were ever restored, I think I'd cry. It's been like this for as long as I can remember. It needs to stay abandoned. There is something very nostalgic and poignant about an abandoned building. I'm not sure why.

"Why aren't you taking a picture of me? Take a picture of me!"

I told them to a make a normal smile. These are not their normal smiles.

I love this bridge. I hope it always stays rusted and shaky.


Aaron said...

what a cool day.

Jessie Bessie said...

1. I think your great grandmother's name being Elmo is quite hilarious. and, I am amused by it! What a cool name to have!!!
2. I love all the pictures they are SWEET!
3. How does it feel to be the cool aunt?
4. Looks like you had a fun day!
5. Where is it that they live?
6. You have some ADORABLE cousins!

Laura said...

Loved the pics Merry! I am so glad you have the same good memories that we have of nanny, and that silly bridge. I can relate too, since I was always trying to be the "cool aunt" when you were little and let you get away with sutff your mom wouldn't. SO FUN!!

aimesjoy said...

I love grandma's.

I will definitely let you know if I make it to Chattanooga.