Sunday, March 25, 2007

Like a dog drags his chain...

"Don't get caught up in the trap of neurotic guilt. 'Christ died for your sins!' Your sins have been imputed to Christ if you have trusted him and his righteousness has been imputed to you. To drag around your sins like a dog drags his chain, is to disregard the salvation of the Lord. Let not this commandment be like a chain, but like a challenge -- a word from your dear heavenly Father urging you to obedience and to 'a life worthy of the gospel.'

Your Father speaks to you. Can you hear him? 'You shall be holy, for I am holy.' If you are sorry for things in your past: repent, believe the gospel of forgiveness and imputed righteousness, and get on with the matter at hand in your calling as a child of the Kingdom of God, trusting in him and representing him in the various connections and relationships of your life!" - Dr. Dan Orme

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Jessie Bessie said...

was that from church yesterday? If so..I really should have been there! Those are some good words to remember! Love you!