Thursday, February 22, 2007

On assurance.

Dr. Dan Orme, The University Church, November 5, 2006 Romans 5: 1-11, "Reformation Sunday"

"Do you have doubts about whether the Lord receives you or not? Does your Christian assurance come and go with the weather and the mood of your day? If you have received Christ, your sins have been forgiven -- past, present and future. Insofar as God is your judge, 'there is therefore now, no condemnation.' Your sins have been laid upon Christ. But you are not just 'forgiven,' as if to say that you now must do something to make yourself valuable to God, or else he won't like you very much. He has imputed to you all the goodness of Jesus Christ and treats you accordingly and will treat you accordingly for an eternity. Even such things as promising your rewards in heaven for your shoddy good works, is a matter of grace. He has accepted you as righteous, only for Christ's good works that have been imputed to you. Do you realize that? It is a starting place for a correct view about the earthly life of Christ as your Savior."

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